Pickled Cayenne Peppers

Pickled Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne peppers are very prolific and are very easy to grow. With little maintenance, you can grow enough peppers to eat fresh and save for the winter too. I only have two plants this year and have a ton of peppers! These pickled peppers can be added to anything to add a little extra heat, and they add some beautiful color too.

Cayenne Pepper Plant

I have always made southern pepper sauce to add to my peas and butterbeans in the winter, but I wanted to try something different this year. I made so much pepper sauce last year, I had a hard time using it up before I started making more this year. I still have a couple jars left over. We pickle sliced jalapenos, so I thought, “why not pickle some sliced cayennes?” It is a little more time consuming, but they last a long time. You do not need many to add that extra kick of spice. I hate seeing food go to waste, so I wanted to come up with more ideas and ways to use these peppers.

Variety is also important so you don’t get bored of the same foods. Sliced peppers vs whole peppers is a good way to change it up. You don’t have to use all red cayenne peppers either. Sometimes, I use more green ones. I just love a variety of colors & flavors!

Ball Blue Book

I used the ball blue book recipe for pickled jalapenos to make these, and I simply sliced the cayenne peppers. I wanted to make sure I canned them correctly. I hope to get a pH meter one day and learn how to test and come up with my own recipes.

Slicing Cayennes

Always remember to WEAR GLOVES when dealing with hot peppers. I sliced jalapenos once years ago, and my hands turned bright red and burned for hours. The peppers were not hot to my mouth at all, but my hands were a different story. You do not want to cut any hot peppers without gloves. I just buy a box from Amazon to keep in the kitchen.

It’s very simple, but I hope this will encourage you to eat peppers in a different way and incorporate them into more dishes. Eat well & live happy!!

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